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hey look Homestuck is illustrating my life
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Last night I dreamed that I was back in high school again, but I ended up in class with no clothes and only my bedsheet to cover myself up, so to avoid feeling awkward I kept my headphones on and listened to music, but the teacher called on me and I didn't hear the question, so he was angry and disappointed in me, except the teacher was Robert Downey Jr. and so it was a really big deal that he didn't like me, and then I think people started getting murdered?

This is like all of the stereotypical nightmares rolled up into one. Only things missing are falling from great heights and needing to run but being unable to.

...I'm sorry, Robert Downey Jr.! Forgive meeeeee

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So I got an email from the supervisor of the educational houses (which is where I live at school) today... apparently everyone in the house is being charged $50 or more because the house was a wreck when they did their post-quarter inspection.

When I left, I had swept the whole house, and Miranda had made the kitchen absolutely spotless.

Apparently when the inspection happened, there was stuff strewn everywhere, the fridges were still full of food, the electrical devices were still plugged in, and worst, the kitchen had been trashed yet again. There was stuff all over the burners, the floor, everywhere.

So thanks to the lack-of-help from three of our house members in particular, that's at least fifty bucks down the drain. For their fuckups.

I am just.

Why do I live with people like this. This has been a problem all quarter and they kept saying it would get fixed by the time everyone left but obviously that is not true.

I am so considering moving out.
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i am done
with finals

do you know what this means

(it means i have to clean my room and pack but it also means)


and yeah there will be people i miss here at school, such as my boyfriend and some of the people in my house, but overall THIS QUARTER NEEDED TO GTFO LIKE FIVE WEEKS AGO as did some of the people I live with...
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HamletMachine (of Starfighter fame) has officially drawn Homestuck fanart.



i just want to go home for thanksgiving, sob

but first I have to finish writing a lab report and an annotated bibliography and study for two tests TT^TT
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Currently having an ongoing ask-box conversation on Tumblr with one of my absolute favorite authors of the Homestuck fandom, who is giving me advice on books about trans* characters and trans* awareness for my school's LGBT organization... 

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Skyrim can go fuck itself. As can the people who play it obsessively for days, at the expense of their real-world relationships.
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I enjoy writing fiction in second-person.

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There's another girl with the same name as me (first and last, with identical spelling) who went to my college last year. She was a senior, and I was a freshman. A lot of my teachers knew her, and they still ask me if we're related sometimes. She found out that I was attending the college mostly by accident; our email addresses are about two letters apart, so she kept getting my emails. She was really amused by it, and friended me on Facebook. Even though she's graduated, she still forwards me my emails when she receives them. She seems really nice.

  She's absolutely gorgeous. I'm kind of really jealous. She isn't exactly what I picture when I think of "what I'd want to look like" (she's blonde and I'm brunette, stuff like that), but I would love to be that beautiful.

  It isn't really a big deal. I'm not upset about how I look or anything, at least not right now. But... wow. What if I were beautiful?
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I don't ever use the word cunt. I think it's misogynistic and sexist and just plain ugly. I swear all the time, but I never say cunt.

But Zachary Clark,






You stupid goddamn motherfucker. You absolute piece of shit. what the fuck are you playing at, thinking your sex life is so much more goddamn important than your fucking RESPONSIBILITIES? The people in our house have requirements to fulfill in order to continue living here. You are supposed to be our liason. The person who tells us what we are supposed to be doing. And yet you tell us JACK FUCKING SHIT.

GO TO HELL, YOU STUPID CUNT. And I don't really feel bad about calling you a cunt, because guess what? YOU were the one who drove me to furious tears last year telling me that it's not sexist. You absolute motherfucking rat bastard. I hope someone slams your dick in a car door someday. It would be no more than you fucking deserve. You almost destroyed my life once. STOP FUCKING TRYING FOR A REPEAT.

And then someone threw a rock through our front door window, and I called you since you weren't home and you needed to know, and you told me that if anyone needed you for anything, you'd come right back. And I can't be angry at you right now because I'm too freaked. Priorities change fast, I guess.

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gratuitous cutesy, please look away if you don't want to see me making a fool of myself:

He's called me "boo" online for a while now, much longer than we've dated (it's been a week. weird), but today he called me "hun." I am so okay with that. :3

less obnoxious cutesy things: 

it's funny that my bedroom at home is always too cold and i need the heat up; but here, the heat comes on and makes my room deathly warm, so i have to leave my windows open all night and make it cold again because i'd rather be freezing than dying of heat.
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Zac's being a moody pissy bitch again. Meh. It's just mildly irritating, because he's snapped at me since I got home like twenty minutes ago for no reason.

Can I just live on a deserted island and never see anyone ever? I'm just not in a people mood apparently.
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So I signed up to be in a lyrical-style dance for a performance at my school. The guy directing and choreographing the dance performed a bit for us, and it was just so pretty and so my style of lyrical that I had to join, even though I actually don't really have any time. But I realized afterwards, once he sent us a link to the song so we could think about what it means to us, that it's a song called Almost Lover. 


I dunno, I feel like a few weeks ago, this would have been the absolute perfect thing for me to pour all my emotions and teen angst into, but currently I'm not feeling too much of those. I think I've sort of broken the dam, so to speak, and all the stuff I've been feeling has finally ebbed away for the most part. But the song is still pretty fitting, and I'm really excited about doing it.

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want to draw so bad

but have no time

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I was all ready to tear into him this morning. As soon as I heard his voice downstairs, I started to plan how best to yell at him.

And then I went downstairs, and he made me an omelet.

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1. all the homestuck fanfic. ALL OF IT.
2. i go back to school on saturday morning... haven't really packed yet. Fuck.
4. my dog bit me right
and now I'm just hoping I don't get some ridiculous scar or something. Although if I do it'll be kind of great, my pirate name can be Scarboob the Spastic or something.

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Every time I see a picture of you with some other girl and I feel a clenching in my heart, I will take that pain and make something out of it. I am not going to be tied to this stupid crush any longer. We have our own lives, and I am tired of dragging myself after you. You hate it, I hate it. So when it hurts, I am going to take that hurt and make it something beautiful. Music, or poetry, or art, or something not related at all. When I am angry I will do something to help myself or someone else. When I am sad I will try to make someone happy. When I regret, I will laugh, knowing that in a few years it won't matter at all.

I will turn this into something good, and someday it will not hurt anymore. I promise that someday we really can be just friends.
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Today he called me and apologized. Then we chatted like we haven't done for weeks.

Thank God.

Words cannot express how relieved I am now.
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