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 And there's so much I want to do this summer!
-work on 5 Stages (the renamed version of P:M:T (Psychic:Monster:Timebomb), because that title sucked)- CHECK.
-make stuffed animals.
-possibly SELL stuffed animals if they don't suck too bad. Yay etsy or Deviantart! Or something!
-make some more t-shirt designs and possibly sell those, too.
-stop sucking at drawing anatomy! I mean, holy God. Those arms are TERRIBLE. And I'm not even gonna mention the legs. Or shoulders or backs or ankles or hands or wrists or neck and yeah, I need to get better.
-Do more realistic drawing!- Check? I'm improving every day...
-learn to play more COMPLETE SONGS on the piano. Such as With Pearly from Phoenix Wright: Justice For All www.youtube.com/watch     check!
or Maya's Theme from the same game www.youtube.com/watch
or even The Steel Samurai theme from the same game, again www.youtube.com/watch  
if I feel particularly ambitious. NOT CHECK, but I'm animating Steel Samurai, so....
Videogame music is fun to play on the piano... especially when it's easy to learn, such as the 8-bit-type music found in Phoenix Wright!
-write my OWN music on the piano. CHECK.

Maybe I'll paint a bit this summer too... I enjoyed painting on canvas, the one time I did it. The only thing is, I'd have to buy more paint, and I'd have to actually start painting WELL. But whatevs.

I'm gonna start with the music and stuffed animals, I think.


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