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I stayed up all night- not just late, until 4 or 5, like I've been doing all summer- actually all night. No sleep at all. I was working on the summer reading response essay for my college. Well, that's sort of a white lie; I spent part of the time working on it, the rest of the time being distracted by the idiocy that is Bill O'Reilly.

Sweet Lord, that man should not exist, much less be on television.

There were some great clips on Youtube of him being owned by sixteen-year-old boys and rappers, though, so that was okay.

Now I have to decide whether I want to sleep or wait until later tonight. Sleep sounds tempting, but my sleep schedule is so fucked up already that I don't want to risk it. And if I stay up until midnight with no sleep, maybe I'll be able to reset my circadian rhythms or whatever and get a normal sleeping pattern before college. 

So yeah, I'm leaning toward working on my ~SURPRISE PROJECT~ that I'm too tired to keep much of a secret. It's a webcomic about my best friend/college roommate and me. I have to work on getting our faces right if I'm going to be drawing that much of them.


Oh wait, breakfast. Maybe that would be good.


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