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Skyrim can go fuck itself. As can the people who play it obsessively for days, at the expense of their real-world relationships.
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 My Fundamentals of Acting class had a performance today... it wasn't huge, it was just all of us (and some members of another Fundies class) doing our scenes... there were a LOT of audience members, though. Way more than I'd expected. 

And everyone was fabulous. I mean, everyone in my class was better than I'd ever seen them. My partner and I really clicked, too. It was amazing.

I may actually try to do more acting now. I love it. Even the nervousness beforehand.

....Holy shit, is this two happy posts in a row? What's going on here?

Now for more random gifs just to slow down your computer!

EDIT: Been playing L4D2 for a few hours... got literally 10 seconds away from the chopper in Dark Carnival when I got grabbed by a Smoker with everyone else down. OTL Doesn't mean it wasn't excellent, though.

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First college party was tonight. My first, I mean, not the first that happened...

It was not quite what I expected. Mostly it was very boring.

There were a ton of people- I mean a ton, there were people crowding in wall to wall three floors deep- in varying degrees of intoxication. Most people had Halloween costumes; fewer of them were slutty than I expected, which was a nice surprise. But really, all I saw there was drinking and talking and laughing, and some bump-n-grinding. Nothing that really called to me as being worth doing every weekend.

Maybe it's because I was sober. 

Luckily there was someone else in our friend group who doesn't drink, and I spent the night talking with him. But still. I'm glad I went once, but I'm not sure I'll want to do it again.

And now for the real highlight of my night: LEFT 4 DEAD, recently purchased on Mac. Although I have to wait for it to finish installing, which might take another half-hour or so. But whatever. LEFT 4 DEAD.
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 Since I always tend to use this lj for bitchin', I figure I might as well use it for something normal and cheerful this time around.
...Not necessarily interesting,  mind you, but still more cheerful.

rants about supernatural )


ranting about Ocarina of Time, FFX and X-2, and Portal )

Now for the actually important part: real life!

I'm heading off to college in mid-September. It's a little surreal, thinking about how this place is soon going to be my parents' house, not mine. This room won't really be mine, exactly. It'll just be a room I stay in every so often, that happens to have a lot of my stuff in it. It used to terrify me; I feel like it still would, if I could make myself stop and think about it. But I'm good at ignoring things. There was a defense mechanism for that, making yourself forget things you don't want to think about... we learned about it in psych. It's not repression... wish I could remember the word.

But anyway, I'm for sure rooming with my best friend Miranda; in the dorm building we wanted, no less. We  start later than almost all of my other friends. We haven't even had orientation yet. It's going to be so weird, knowing all our friends are already away at school but us.

In the meantime, I'm trying to regain all the drawing skills I seem to have lost since the end of the school year. For about the last month of high school, I was too tired and stressed and busy to draw; and now that I've finally started drawing again, it looks like I've regressed to the skill set I had in ninth grade. It's enormously frustrating. I know if I work at it constantly, I can get it back to where it was; but it's hard to keep going when everything you see on the page looks like crap. My writing's suffered even more, since I haven't actually written anything good since- wow, March. And that was Phoenix Wright fanfiction.

Ah, well. At least I have something to work on this year, besides classes. I'm taking a first-year seminar on creativity, an evolutionary bio and genetics class with lab, and an intro theatre class (not that I'm actually any good at acting, but I'd like to be, and that's what 100-level classes are for, right?). I'm actually starting to get excited... and that's a big deal, for me.


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